The Creek.CMRT

This scenario is based in the big map of another scenario. Thanks to the author, but I didn’t like it so I changed it; he will recognize the ponds.

The Germans -2 bn & a tank coy- have to force a creek and cut a railroad, even if the Russians -2 bn & AG- are about to resume their offensive (with tanks).

Russian AI/H2H. 3×2 km. 4 hours. June 44.
The AIR version has more -AI- troops.

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2 thoughts on “The Creek.CMRT

  1. I’m only 20 minutes into playing this one, but it seems to be what I’ve been hoping for in CM scenarios – a large battlefield with a reasonably small number of forces, and the prospect of reinforcements arriving over a long period, leading to changes in the fortunes of both sides. That seems more realistic to me, compared to the majority of scenarios that cram a ridiculously large number of forces into a small area and expect the battle to be resolved in a very short space of time, so the attacker has no choice but to dash for their objectives. Just one problem – I don’t see any objectives in this game, just lots of landmark names. Did I miss something? What are the victory conditions?

    1. The scenario briefing is your mission, your -side- scenario briefing will give you an idea about what area to clear and occupy.
      Yes, you are right, this is not a “capture the flag” one, you are not going to get 500 points at he end because you have a squad somewhere in the map. If you are not sure who won, you both lost -meaning the defender won.

      When I was playing with my -Club- people we never had that problem, somebody was always giving up -like chess.
      My point of view is that if you don’t think that you have enough troops to hold your own -easier against the AI- and the objectives, you are right, the defender won: You haven’t been able to accomplish your mission.
      I cannot see the point in killing your last soldier to kill the very last enemy soldier… and leave the battlefield empty -but that’s me.

      a/ Don’t expect too much of the Artificial Incompetence. I don’t know if you are playing the H2H version.
      b/ Any thoughts on the map? Yes, it is big.
      c/ Thanks.

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