Bessarabian Nights QB Map


This Quick Battle map is based off scenario #7, Bessarabian Nights, from the Combat Commander: Europe board game.
Map Description:  Wooded areas surrounding a train track running diagonally through the map.
Situation Report:
“Bessarabia, April, 1944 – By mid April of 1944, the southern front in Russia had seen Soviet troops on the offensive for four consecutive months.  Zhukov’s plan to attack beyond the Dneister River as far as Chernovtsy was approved by Stavka, with Russian troops finally reaching the Carpathian Mountains and cutting off German forces in Poland from the Axis armies in Southern Russia that were now backing up into Romania.
As constant harassment by partisan bands threatened both supply and communications to the forward German echelons, more and more rear-area troops were needed to quell these local upstarts.”
There are 5 terrain objectives, 3 of which are positioned on the railroad tracks.
8 setup variations are included.

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