7 thoughts on “The Relief of Army Group North Campaign

  1. Looks like a great campaign, but the briefing comes off as a bit amateurish. I also saw at least one spelling mistake. I don’t want to nitpick, but if you could improve the briefing (and maybe add a tactical map) then it would look a lot better.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I have played the first 2 battles, the 3rd failed to load at 43%. very challenging terrains and maps such as narrow passages make perfect ambush and killing field. The German seemed to lack infantry. I often find myself short of foot soldiers to flush out enemies in hidings.

  3. On the 4th mission. I love the scale of this campaign and the way that things are paced. The maps also are really interesting and believable. It seems, however, that the Russian forces (in the early missions at least) could be better deployed. Once I found and neutralized the anti-tank assets in a given mission, it was pretty easy to locate the Russian infantry and shoot them up with my armor. I know this is a weakness in Russian infantry – lousy organic anti-tank assets – but some spoiling attacks, some more tightly integrated armor/anti-tank/infantry might make things a bit more hair raising in the second half of these missions.

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