CMSF2 Across the Canal V2.0

This scenario is loosely inspired in the courageous fight that Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines endured in the Saddam Canal (Nasiriyah) on 23Mar03 (Iraq War). For more details please check the following two books: “Ambush Alley” by Tim Pritchard and “Marines in the Garden of Eden” by Richard Lowry.

You have just been ambushed and a counter-ambush operation is due immediately. Once the most immediate threats have been neutralized, you will secure the main canal crossing. Two smaller objectives, “northern approach” and “irrigation ditch crossing” are to be occupied and are provided as a guide for your tactical plan.

You are playing V2.0 of this scenario. This scenario was previously released in 2012 for the CMSF engine. Main changes for this new version:
Updated terrain, trying to match the real life location.
Updated scoring
Some changes in the OOB.

This scenario requires the Marines module.

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  1. Hi
    Just started this in a H2H but noticed the Syrian side has no briefing and no set-up zone. Not sure if that is your intent?

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