CMSF2 Hammertime!

Call sign ‘Hawkeye’ cautiously scouting ‘ROUTE 66’

The brigade has just conducted a deliberate attack against a stationary enemy Guards mechanised infantry battalion on Objective Anvil. The brigade’s attack was a success, encountering less resistance than expected.

However, Division intelligence reports indicate that there are strong enemy mechanised forces arrayed in and around “The Big Smoke” a large populated town just off “Route 66”, situated on the east side of the canal.

It is thought likely that this force has armour and AT support.

You are “Hammer 6”, the task force commander of mech heavy TF 1-40. Your task force consists of ‘Charlie’ company, and ‘Panzer 1’. The battalion scout platoon – call sign “Hawkeye” has been attached to your task force for this mission.

The Brigade TF commander wants to capitalise on the success of the earlier attack immediately – driving forward through Phase Line Bill and Phase Line Jane to seize the town of “The Big Smoke”.

Your task force is currently the spearhead of the brigade and is moving north along the axis of “Route 66” towards “The Big Smoke”, with the line of the canal on your right flank.

This sector, as you can see from the map, is moderately populated open mixed farmland with small bermed fields, wooded plots, and dotted with multiple farmsteads. Due to the area of marshland, and flooding in heavy rain the roads are elevated on berms. The town of “The Big Smoke” sits on the eastern bank of the canal.

It is currently 0600Hrs. “Hawkeye” has just radioed that they have arrived in “Small Ville”. No enemy forces have been encountered…

About this Scenario

This is an updated version of the popular CMSF scenario ‘Hammertime’. This updated version uses the NATO German ‘Halte! Hammerzeit’ map – which I remade for CMSF2. The updated map saw the orginal map receive a significant re-work mainly adding terrain elements that were available in SF2 – key one being water, but I also added a variety of trees and bushes, and made use of the new additional terrain tiles.

For history buffs the original SF ‘Halte! Hammerzeit’ was in itself a different flavour of the original SF ‘Hammertime’ substituting NATO German units for the US units. Everything else remained the same (RED OOB; Orders; Victory conditions; AI Plans etc).

So to turn the wheel full circle this SF2 version of ‘Hammertime’ substitutes the US units for the NATO German units from the SF2 ‘Halte! Hammerzeit’. Everything else remains the same (RED OOB; Orders; Victory conditions; AI Plans etc).

How to Play

This can be played either side vs the AI (but I’d suggest playing BLUE vs RED is the optimum for AI play) or H2H.

It’s always good to hear how players get on playing scenarios so please feel free to share your feedback either directly with me – you can PM me on the Forum my nick is George MC, or email me OR post your feedback on the SF2 forum. Hope and trust you have a blast. Enjoy!

About Author

Author: George Mc
Treadhead peacenik with a fascination for recreating historical #armoured actions from the Eastern Front using Battlefront's Combat Mission.

4 thoughts on “CMSF2 Hammertime!

  1. Managed to scrape out a minor victory as blue force. You cannot leave your guard down for one second in this scenario or rush things. Highly enjoyable.

  2. Thank you – always nice to have these scenarios appreciated. Glad you enjoyed and thanks fir taking the time to post your feedback. Much appreciated.


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