CMFI Just Another Beautiful Day

This is a Hypothetical Scenario based in Sicily, West of the town of Catania.

This was a Hypothetical Scenario based in Sicily July 18,1943. The Units involved could have possibly meet each other in combat. I picked a semi- Mountainous region west of the town of Catania. Catania was not taken for some time, about a month after the British attack of the “Primosole Bridge” in “Operation Fustian” (There is a book Bitter Victory: The Battle for Sicily, 1943 by Carlo D Este).

The units involved are the British 151st Inf. Bde of the 50th Inf Division. Elements from 44th RTR of 4th Bde. Some elememts of No.3 Commando. Italian unit was from the 372nd Coastal Btn and
Elements from the HG Division.

The Scenario is played as Allied vs AI (Axis) or you could even do a H2H… probably be pretty bloody.

I hope you enjoy the scenario.

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  1. No Btt file. Sorry everyone, I have spent over 4 hours with wordpress. File loads 100% but not visible on preview.

  2. Dang. I was looking forward to a new CMFI scenario. Good luck with getting it uploaded.

  3. Thank you, Jim, for taking the time to make some wonderful videos. I know it must have taken a lot of your time. Many thanks for your comments and for playing. If there is anything you’re looking for to play let me know and I can possibly create a scenario you would like to play.

    Best regards


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