USMC Forging Steel: The Missions


Play Blue/Red AI; H2H only About The MissionsThis series of missions is taken from the “Forging Steel “campaign. Originally the missions were packaged as a campaign which covered a 12 hour period of intense mechanised combat which followed a US (Blue) balanced company combat team spearheading an attack against Threat (Red) mechanised forces. Each mission has a distinct feel about it reflecting a key mission a mechanised combat team would, or might, be given. The enclosed flow chart shows the campaign flow from the Blue perspective with each action outlined. You can use this to play the appropriate scenario depending on how you get on in the previous one. Please note: The mission re-supply is not included. This was only intended for the player playing the campaign to review the state of their combat team prior to the next series of missions. The basic concept behind the campaign and the associated missions is the same as that behind the training at the US National Training Centre at Fort Irwin. To paraphrase NTC’s mission statement:  “The mission of the National Training Center is to provide tough, realistic, joint and combined arms training in multi-national venues across the full spectrum of conflict set in a contemporary operating environment to assist Commanders in developing trained, competent leaders and Soldiers by presenting them with current problem sets to improve the force and prepare for success in future joint battlefields.” As such in the scenarios Syrian forces are used to represent Threat forces. It should be borne in mind that these Syrian forces are not Syrian as such – think of a highly trained and well equipped force such as the Russians. The missions are designed to stretch the abilities and tactics of the Bluefor. Question is – are you as the commander up to it? About the UnitsThese missions can be played from either side against the AI (Although Blue against Red is preferred – given the nature of the missions and limitations of the AI the Blue AI tends not to play all that well, good if you like blowing up Blue stuff!) or even better H2H.  The main unit that is tracked through the missions is on the US side and focuses around ‘Hammer Team’.  Each battle has several Threat (Red) AI plans so there is a certain amount of re-playability. You should also note if you decide to replay a battle then the AI might adopt a different strategy in it’s operations… Unlike the campaign you might find that the missions strongly favour the Blue side. This was to allow the Blue player to take casualties and still have a chance of winning the campaign further down the line. When playing the missions as standalones Bluefor will be at full strength for every mission thus making the missions feel easier. Map and Battle SizeAll the battles are on, generally speaking, very large maps – typically around 2.5 x 2.5Km square. Unit sizes on map are generally around a few platoons to at most a reinforced company. No massed battalions here you’ll be relieved to hear!  The new BFC patch 1.21 should see these maps load far quicker, in a few minutes on average.

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