A Crossroad at El Derjine


This is the V2 setting enhancing the Red defense plans of the El derjine town, resulting in a Red force less willing to give ground.There are two A.I plans.

July the 4th at 06:45  Operation LOTUS EATER is starting with the assault of the important crossroad, MSR and Supply/Ammunition Depot of El Derjine.

Situation: Enemy Forces
We are probably facing the remnants of 2 Companies of the 1st Mechanized Battalion, our old friend, being caught off guard, while resupplying at the main depot of El Derjine, located at the strategic crossroad of the most important MSR of the enemy…………
Situation: Friendly Forces
The Regiment has been asked to be ready tomorrow morning at 06:45 for the assault, code name “LOTUS EATER”, from the departure Line of Hassi El Frid hamlet. 1st, 2nd and 3rd platoons / C Company / 2nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion, their sniper and Combined Anti Armor Humvees, are the sole units able to deploy at night and attack tomorrow morning.Tanks from 2nd platoon of B Company / 1st Tank Battalion will support C Company and be resupplied tonight not so far from the departure line. 2nd platoon / D Company / Engineer, tasked with the demolition of the Supply/Ammunition Depot will arrive on the DL around an hour after the start of the big show.
Mortars from C Company will provide 6 X 81mm and 1 X 60mm tubes. 155mm won’t be available.Air support available, around H+1, will consist on two AV-8BII Harrier with medium ordonnance, on call.1st, 2nd and 3rd platoons / C Company transport will continue to be provided by 2nd platoon / C Company AAV.
Mission: Overall Description
Our mission as ordered by regiment HQ is to assault starting at 06:35 the town of El Derjine, located at the crossroad of two strategic heavy traffic roads used as a MSR by the enemy, to occupy the crossroad – HARLEM- the new town -LINCOLN TUNNEL-, seal the exit of the El Kseur Gap -PARRIS ISLAND- and destroy the six warehouses of the Supply/Ammunition depot -TIME SQUARE- denying any resupply to the enemy and shortening has it is being thought by S4 the war……………….

The battle is set on a 700 X 2000 meters map, allowing ample tracks and tanks movements. A detailed OOB is provided in the game briefing, with assault guidances.

To be only played Blue against red A.I with CMSF – USMC Module V 1.11
Designer : Gke “Snake eye”  V2 04/07/2009


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