USMC Cmpn 01 Beach Recon


The Syrian Army has garrisoned its western shore-line with coastal defensive batteries and reserve forces, mostly hidden in urban areas to avoid targeting by US airpower, in order to delay any amphibious landings and to aid with the defense of the strong points made along key routes and urban areas. Additionally, these forces are expected to attrite the Marines so that Republican Guard and airborne elements may then counterattack when the opportunity presents itself, to push the US Marines back into the sea. The HAMIDIYAH area is garrisoned by the 4th CD Bn, with the 3rd CD Bn further north around TARTUS. CD Bns are primarily low-grade, foot-mobile infantry units, with limited numbers of obsolete APCs and static tank batteries. Some mortar and artillery support is available, but given the small size and dispersed deployment of these units it is of nuisance value only. CD Bns have recently been equipped with limited quantities of older-generation ATGMs. While the 26th MEU(SOC) and 2nd MEB prepare for the impending amphibious assault into Western Syria, specific beaches and landing zones must be reconnoitered to allow the Marine forces to land and immediately begin to push inland towards operational objectives. All along the west coast of Syria, US Marine recon teams and US Navy SEALs have been very active, slipping ashore to recon landing sites and to determine the disposition of Syrian military forces. BLZ White 2, just to the north of HAMIDIYAH, is a key LCAC-capable beach which will be used to bring ashore the tanks and heavy equipment to support the assault echelon of 26th MEU. This beach is one of the few LCAC-capable beaches in the MEU’s AO and must be secured in order to allow the rapid build-up of combat power ashore. 1st Plt, B Co, 2nd Recon Bn (attached to 26th MEU) has been tasked with conducting an area recon of the beach in order to determine the strength of enemy forces in the vicinity and to occupy key observation posts to support the amphibious assault. This is a slightly modified version of the scen from the stock USMC campaign to allow for H2H play. It will also work against the AI. Original scenario design by Imperial Grunt.


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