Assault on Latakia Airport – v17


The background story of the scenario is the one of the stock game. It’ s 2007, Assad handed over chemical weapons to terrorists, the terrorists attacked Western cities, the Coalition attacks Syria, you know the story. The Marines landed south of Latakia and are now pushing North-East. In their way lays the the city of Latakia, with its airport, a vital part of the local infrastructure. Will the Marines capture it intact or will the bad guys prevail and either fend the Americans off or force them to destroy the airport? You decide!

  • Overview:
  • Type: Blue vs. Red AI
  • Map size: about 3,5kmĀ²
  • Unit size: Company sized bloue Task Force vs. a about a Battalion(+)of Syrian mechnized infantry + tanks.
  • Length: 150 turn (2h 30 mins)
  • Requirements: CMSF + Marines

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