CMSF USMC:From the Halls of Montezuma


Following the start of the land invasion in Eastern Syria, it is hoped a surprise amphibious landing can be carried out to secure the port facilities intact.



1st Bttn 3rd MEU

Mission Briefing


Weather is clear with light winds forecast. The area is dominated by high ground to the rear of the beaches, which levels out to the North of the landing areas as it becomes built up and the harbour facilities and basins are encountered.


Mission 1/3
To secure bridgeheads GOLD, JUNO and SWORD, before swinging North to enter the town and secure the lock gate mechanisms and oil storage pump house, OBJECTIVES DEVIL and DOG respectively.

Heavy weapons are to establish overwatch in the bridgehead prior to forces entering the town and harbour area and securing the facilities there.


Co A to clear enemy forces from immediate beach area, and secure the beach for follow up units. Engineer support is attached.

Co B, plus units of Divisional Recon follow at 5 minutes, and are tasked to move through the beach area and to determine local resistance allowing Co C to deploy and neutralise all ENEMY forces in GOLD, JUNO, SWORD.

Co C are following Co B by 15 minutes and are to move and secure GOLD, JUNO, SWORD. Co A and B are to reorganise before moving forward to secure Objectives DEVIL and DOG.
Elements of CO C can be released to support, however the beachhead must remain secured.


Design Notes

This scenario was designed prior to the releases of Marines, to test the concept, and allow a switch of Blue forces as soon as Marines was issued. Hence there has been no play testing with Marine equipment and so balance is questionable.


To be played as Blue against AI.


The amphibious assault element requires a degree of acceptance/imagination, in order to overcome the lack of water in the current engine. If you don’t like the compromises made I suggest you play a different scenario.


Marsh tiles have an amended texture to represent “Sea”. In order to allow vehicles to move in the “Sea” sunken lanes have been created using the stock gravel texture. Also included are textures to alter building facade 8 to oil tanks, and changing the blue plastic barrels to brown.


I suggest that all vehicles in the “Sea” move at slow pace only, in order to represent the slow water speed of the vehicles.


If hit while in the “Sea” vehicles will not sink, and so remain in place. Passengers and crew that bail out need to be moved either to the beach or back to the offshore holding box. Other vehicles will reverse while still in the sea lanes. Live with it or play another scenario 😉


The Blue bunker offshore represents on offshore spotter for Naval Gunfire. As noted by BF this starts floating in the air, however it will start in its correct location once the mission clock starts.


I’ve also noted the victory screen shows as Red on Red.

Enjoy and feedback always welcome

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