CMSF Battle of Mount Hoihna

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The background/inspiration for this scenario is the currently ongoing Battle of Aleppo as part of the Syrian Civil War and the engagements between the rebels factions and the SAA that took place on June 13th 2013 in the hills north west of Aleppo. I did use satelite images, photos and videos of that area while making the map and the terrain is supposed to look similar, but in fact everything is mostly fictional. Size is ~ 2,5 x 1,5 km, units involved are ~ 2 companys (-) for each side. Mostly infantry for the rebels, mech infantry and tanks for the SAA. It is supposed be played Blue (SAA) vs Red (FSA + Mujahideen) AI only. Not tested H2H.


  • CMSF Base Game
  • CMSF Nato module


  • Mords Civil War Mod
  • marsh-to-water mod



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