CMSF Battle of Vienna


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Set during fictional World War 3, 2-12 Cav (US) clashes with elements of the (Russian) 423rd Guards Mot. Rifle Regiment and elements of the 12th Guards Tank Regiment in a dense central European urban environment. The map is based on the 20th district of city of Vienna, my hometown and capital of Austria. Although all recognizeable areas, buildings and the main traffic lanes are present, many things were changed to speed up mapmaking and to meet the limitations of the Scenario Editor. I built most of the map from my memory (lived there for 12+ years), trying to captue the spirit of the city rather than making an accruate model using staelite images.

In short:

Size: Huge, combined arms

Map: Urban, dense. Also has a river, 2 bridges and a very large park.

Type: Assault


CMSF Base game

NATO module

USMC module

Euroscape mod (although technically not not required, the scenario wouldnt make much sense without it.)


marsh-to-water mod




This is my first try at the Scenario Editor. You can contact me at the fforums, i use the same nick there. I dont live on the map IRL but ~500 meters off-map, so you cant bomb my house if you dont like the scenario :).



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