Cry Havoc

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Early yesterday morning, taking advantage of the recent bad weather, an enemy mechanised unit, estimated to be approximately a reinforced company (multiple BMPs supported by at least one M72 tank platoon), launched a surprise attack that captured the undefended village of ABOU DAU and cut Highway 12 our MSR.

 A detachment from the battalion scout platoon (2 BIFVs and 2 HUMVEES) – call sign ‘Hawkeye’ – was sent to make contact and verify the exact location and make-up of the enemy mech unit. This they did…

 Team ‘Wardog’ part of TF2-72 is tasked to advance to contact with the enemy mechanised units defending ABOU DAU, and develop the situation as deemed appropriate with a view to destroying the enemy units located in ABOU DAU, then secure the village and Highway 12 against any further enemy attacks.

 Designer: George McEwan

 Acknowledgements: Thanks to MikeyD, JohnO, Webwing, Sgt Muhammed and Huntarr for playtesting and feedback.


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Author: George Mc

Treadhead peacenik with a fascination for recreating historical #armoured actions from the Eastern Front using Battlefront's Combat Mission.

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