Defend Jsir Al Doreaa


S2 has no relevant information to give us. No problems reported the AO has been calm this last month.About Defend Jsir Al Doreaa 1st dream.This scenario has been thought about, after reading the book « The defense of Jisr Al Doreaa » from Michael L.Burgoyne & Albert J.Marckwardt both captain in the US Army and having fought in Irak within the 7th US Cavalry. The book contains their recollection of things done between 2003 and 2008. Following the step of the well know  small classic Boer war book “The Defence of Duffer’s drift” written by the then Captain Ernest D; Swinton . Like him, they are putting you in the boots of a freshly graduated 2nd Lieutenant, just out of Basic Officers Course, arriving in Irak. You will go through different dreams and or nightmares, always happening on the same map location for your Red platoon, with the same final objectives but that could be dealt differently, as you have acquired some lessons from your earlier dream.^ Situation: Friendly ForcesYou have your Red Platoon with 3 IFV, 2 squads, HQ, FO with sniper’s A team, 2 HMG Humvee’s teams (bailout key in order to dismount them), 2 Mk-19 Humvee’s teams (bailout key in order to dismount them),and B sniper’s Humvee team.Situation: Terrain and Weather. An Apache, call sign loophole 33, will be on station within an hour or less around 15:30Z to support you if needed. 2 X 81mm from Fire base India can be called anytime by your FO^ Situation: Terrain and WeatherLight Westerly wind, overcast and damp. No change for the coming 48 hours.^ Mission: Overall DescriptionOccupy the old military Barrack compound Jsir Al Doreaa, Set a COP and secure the MSR and its bridge. ^ Execution: Commander’s IntentWell Lieutenant, here you are with your first FRAGO: Our local time is 17:30, but higher have asked to go Zoulou Time from now on, so set your watch at 14:30Z. You must secure the regiment MSR. Grab your gear and deploy ASAP, your Red Platoon to Jsir Al Doreaa Old military barrack. Set there your COP. Secure the bridge on road Truman and the crossroad at Adams and Truman roads junction. Have, right away, an IFV Recon go to the village, have it go through the streets and return on the double. I don’t want it to get caught at night over there and have a Somalia incident. I just want you to show the local, what they might have to face if they have bad intention. Oh! a last thing. Don’t have the foolish idea to shoot at the mosque and its minaret. ROE is clear about it, you are not authorized to do it, in any case, unless higher up say so. If I get busted because of you, I will make sure to take you along with me. That’s all Lieutenant, dismiss. ^ To be only played Blue against red A.I with CMSF – USMC Module V 1.21Designer : Gregory KELLER “Snake eye” 27/12/2009 – Your much needed comments and advices on – Defend Jsir Al Doreaa 1st dream -. GlossaryCOP                         Combat OutpostZoulou Time              GMT (for civilian) is the same than Zoulou         (for aviation & military)EAA                         Enemy Avenues of ApproachESBF                        Enemy Support By Fire positionsFRAGO                    Fragmentary Order – Just the sufficient orders to comply          ROE                         Rules of EngagementNVG                         Night Vision Goggles



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