Into the Green

***Transferred from the Repository – CMSF British Forces and NATO Modules Required***

This mission is a two and a half hour Blue Force Company Group sized probe into the green zone in the Upper Sangin Valley, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in June 2008. The overall task is to patrol out of FOB Alma and conduct intelligence led compound searches of three Taliban compounds.

The scenario is Blue versus the Red AI only and is not recommended for H2H play. While the mission and map is entirely fictional it is based on actual forces and the type of terrain encountered at this time. This passage from the book Company Commander written by Major Russell Lewis MC was one of the main inspirations for this mission. Another excellent book that provided inspiration is Honourable Warriors by Major Richard Streatfeild MBE. Both officers commanded companies operating out of FOB Inkerman in the Upper Sangin Valley. ‘Once on his feet the lead soldier jumps up and down to try and get his load seated and as comfortable as possible.

You can’t ever get it comfortable, there are just degrees of discomfort. He shrugs his shoulders and clicks his head side to side, working out a few kinks but ultimately going through his own pre-match ritual and getting his game face on. He is the point man. The very first man in this whole snake that will weave its way out into the green zone and actively hunt out the enemy. I can’t see his face but I know him. A young nineteen year old private. He has probably been out of basic training less than a year, yet already he is in the middle of a war …. On all the patrols that I led I never once saw the point man as much as flinch. When told to go, he shouldered his load, tightened a few straps and headed straight out.

As I watched him disappear into the darkness, the feeling of humility and honour overwhelmed me. I was humbled by his bravery but, most of all, I realised what an incredible honour it was to command men such as these … That lone soldier is the bravest man I have ever met’. My intent has been to design a realistic mission as well as present an interesting and enjoyable tactical challenge which I hope you will enjoy. There are two Red AI plans so the mission can be replayed. To play this mission you will need the CMSF Base Game patched to ver 1.32 and the British and NATO modules.


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