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***Transferred from the Repository – CMSF British Forces Required***

After US Troops seized Hims the advance of the coalition was slowed down. We got Intel that Syrian Troops got the orders to dig in in the mountanious region in the north of Damascus for a last stand. To avoid a bloody fight in Syrias “Alpenfestung”, High Command decided to airdrop the Mountain Trained 3rd Commando Brigade in this area. Thanks to the fast deployement of the 1st Rifles and the Royal Marines the Syrian Troops could not establish a coordinated defense in this area and were soon beaten back to the outskirts of Damascus.

Despite that the main Assault on Damscus from the north east already began the 3rd Commando Brigade was ordered to attack as well. The commanding officers of the Brigade were not entirely happy about this decision because the Brigade was not trained and equipped for this kind of mission. High Command justified the decision with the known presence of British POWs in the Military Hospital and the chance to find evidence of Syria’s chemical weapon program at a retirement homestead for Syrian officers.

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