Raisin El Aboud


Marine Recon is tasked with securing the Raisin El Aboud airbase in preparation for the assault on the Northern Syrian city of Aleppo. This is a Blue Attack, Open Terrain, and a Medium map. Marines Module is required to play this Scenario. There is 1 Red AI plan. Play as Blue vs. Red AI only. I designed this Scenario several years ago. Scenario was only tested in WeGo by the Scenario Author and was designed for my own enjoyment. Thought I would make it available to everyone since there haven’t been many CMSF Scenarios posted lately.

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  1. Downloaded ZIP is broken:

    ! Rasin-El-Aboud-Airbase.zip: Unknown method in Rasin El Aboud Airbase.btt
    ! Rasin-El-Aboud-Airbase.zip: No files to extract

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