Paving the Way

***Transferred from the Repository – CMSF British Forces Required***

You command a reinforced company group based around Juliet Company , 42 Commando Royal Marines, tasked with clearing a mechanised enemy force in company strength who are defending a small town and blocking the advance. An combined armoured and mechanised assault is planned to break through the blocking position at 0900 hrs, however the town is in a low river valley and the enemy have deployed to defensive positions in the higher ground overwatching.  Your objective is to advance north to the river, clearing the enemy from their outposts and destroying any mobile elements.

The ground is well suited to your light forces but your vital fire support vehicles are vulnerable to the enemy’s AT weapons. Make best use of your indirect fire assets, although arty ammunition is limited due to the limitations of the helicopter insertion of the guns.

This is my first attempt at a scenario for distribution to the CM:SF Community. It’s designed for blue play only but may work H2H. I’ve only owned the game for a month so any comments/advice would be most welcome here or in the forum.


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