The Green Zone


A convoy of LAVs and Humvees gets ambushed in densely vegetated farmland. A relief force is on the way but won’t arrive within the next 40 minutes. Until then the remnants of the convoy will have to setup a defensive perimeter and hold out against the enemy attacks.


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Author: Bootie

2 thoughts on “The Green Zone

  1. I’m sorry but this was terrible. Within 2 minutes every LAV was destroyed and half the platoon was Shaken. By 8 minutes I had 20 dead and the rest was unplayable. Some players might enjoy the feeling of helplessly being annihilated through trees, on a map where ever bit of cover has been cleverly exposed to a secondary enemy position, but it doesn’t make for a fun mission if you ask me. I really like a hard challenge, and I get that casualties are to be expected, but this was ridiculous. I looked at the enemy units and saw the Elite combatants and fighters surrounding me. Not sure why game designers do this because it completely breaks immersion when every single RPG shot, from what one would assume is a rag-tag Middle Eastern resistance force made up of civilians, somehow lands a perfect kill. For some reason this terrorist cell has achieved DEVGRU levels of artillery accuracy as well.

    Waste of time.

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