CMBN CW: First into Antwerp

Command the British 3rd Royal Tank Regiment and the 4th Battalion Kings Shropshire Light Infantry as they advance from Boom to capture the port city of Antwerp, Belgium, and later attempt to establish a bridgehead over the Albert Canal.

This campaign consists of 8 battles and is historical. To be played as PLAYER vs AXIS AI.

Be aware in order to play this campaign you MUST have both Commonwealth and Market Garden Modules.

Battle sizes are varied. It is strongly recommended that the player reads the README in the attached zip-file.

The Zipfile will contain the following:

  • 2 Campaign folders.
  • 1 Campaign file within each folder.
  • 49 page Campaign Design booklet including Campaign Progression Tables and Order of Battle.

Campaign has been tested and should be compatible with patch 4.03.

Total battle duration of the campaign totals roughly 8 hours.

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Author: Ross T

4 thoughts on “CMBN CW: First into Antwerp

  1. Hello, playing scenario #2 and the briefing says that you have some Mortars off map – but you don’t get them.

    Great scenario btw – that bridge was fun!

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I’ll update this mistake in the future (I was going to do this sooner, but life has got in the way). Pleased you’ve been enjoying it too :).

      FYI if anyone has downloaded the Full version of the campaign and has yet to play this particular mission you should still be able to pass it without the mortars, although it is a little more difficult.

  2. This is a incredible campaign and the attention to detail as well as including your pdf of how you made this. You should be proud, excellent work!

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