4 thoughts on “Devils’ Descent

  1. I rated this 5 stars, because it’s probably the best user-made campaign so far (at least the best I’ve played). However, the last mission spoils it a bit. It’s too easy to just shoot up the German rush against your position.

  2. This is still my favourite CM campaign ever.

    Devil’s Descent is a fictional, tiny airborne infantry narrative campaign, focusing on a single company. Managing your troops and their ammunition is of prime importance, and the scale means that you can get to know your troops and the terrain. The short length means that the campaign can be completed in a short period of time.

  3. I played through the campaign and i have to say, its a nice touch to fought with a relatively small Company. However, the Campaign is far to easy and can be cheesed on several mission. In the first mission, i may got a bit lucky, but i dont lost a single soldier, not even one got wounded. And that happened for me in three missions overall. i had a higher number of casualties in just one mission, which was caused by a very dumb move of me.
    In the ambush mission, when the stugs spawn, i can position my bazookas right next to the spawn point. easy kills, no losses at all. Also one mission is more or less recycled.
    Combat Mission is fun every time, but to be honest, i expected a bit more

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