10 thoughts on “The Lions of Carpiquet

  1. I cannot seem to open this documnet, could it be re-posted as a regular zip file or can I get it sent to me directly as an uncompressed file?

    Thanks much

    1. Mmmm first I heard of that. Do you have 7Zip installed?

      If you still can’t get it to work please PM me on the forums. (Ithikial_AU at BFC, Ithikial at the FGM)

    2. I use a Mac so I am unsure of the zip version. The file looked odd when it downloaded and I sent it to a pc buddy and he could not open it either. Is there a way you could just send me the file unzipped?


  2. Ithikial, I just Started playing and I am keeping a very lightweight AAR along it. I am using Google Docs so if you want some feedback on the campaign, let me know I will drop you a link to it.

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