Kandu’s Normandy & Netherlands Master Maps

Final versions created in CMBN 4.03. These are maps only – no setup zones.

Known as Devil’s Hill to Anglophones and de Duivelsberg to Nederlanders. It was fought over during Operation Market Garden.

Panzer Lehr and the Americans tangled with each other over this ground in early to mid July ’44.

A miss-named location where Lt. Col. Shanley of the 82nd Airborne was isolated during Operation Boston (D-Day to D+4).

The Canadians fought two actions over this terrain. The first on D+1 was disastrous for them, and the second a month later was a resounding victory.

As above, but larger.

An interesting bit of ground passed through by the British forces on D-Day. Only saw a few skirmishes here but the central crest between opposing forces overlooked from church steeples on both sides, makes for interesting possibilities. Good tank country.

A bit of the Cotentin behind Utah beach that saw numerous actions from D-Day through D+6.

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