Battle for Carentan H2H

After consilidating all its forces after the D-Day drops the 101st Airborne Division is now ready to advance on the town of Carentan in order to merge the beachheads at Utah and Omaha.

Airborne forces attempt to cross the final bridge on the Carentan – St. Mere Eglise highway in order to clear the approaches to the town for the upcoming drive on the town itself.

Paratroopers from the 6th Fallschirmjaeger regiment lie in wait, command is holed up in the Ingouf Farm complex and at least 1 weapons company has its MGs trained on the exit of the bridge.

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  1. I have the Yanks and we about 15 minutes in to this 3 hours scenario and I have already lost about 1/3 of my force from artillery. The barrage is landing everywhere with zero pattern. I suspect because there is limited LOS for his spotters because it is still dark and the hedgerows. It is ironic that the lack of visibility has helped the Germans because hits have landed on Yanks that are no where near the bridge. I have never lost so many men in a scenario due to artillery. This scenario is shaping up to one of those play once and delete.

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