CW – VB1 Point 213 (H2H ONLY)


Semi-Historic Tournament… Villar-Bocage

Tournament game played over three brutal scenarios, over at the Band of Brothers. Battles between British forces and the SS, and Panzer Lehr…from Point 213…back to Villers-Bocage.

The names on the map are familiar as will the forces… but nothing is as the actual battle, in size or formation, on that day.

These are tournament games so the object is a fast game, competitive, and fun.

Games will be of medium size, lasting 45-50 minutes.

First scenario: Axis Ambush & Attack

The time 9:05 on the 13th June 1944, there is a gentle warm breeze from the west, the skies are hazy and ground conditions dry.

For the Brits……

Sgt O’Conner of the Rifle brigade, is heard breaking radio silence…

For Christ’s sake…There’s a Tiger running alongside us

…giving the British their only warning of the ambush & attack, from the South.

The halftrack then explodes under the impact of the 88mm shell.

Wittmann’s moves, out of his hiding place and was now clattering towards the N175…

Their first objective is to defend Pt 213, and then to stop the enemy, from blocking the N175!

For The axis:

Wittmann’s, Tiger 212 proceeds to move from his hiding place towards the N175.

His orders to the other commanders are… “no retreat”…

A British halftrack becomes the first victim of the Tigers.

Your objective is to reach Pt 213, and destroy the enemy.

Then to head west on the N175 towards Villers-Bocage, destroying all before you!

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