Bloody Buron

*Commonwealth Forces Add On Required*

0900 8 July 1944, Buron

9 Brigade, 3rd Canadian Division is participating in Operation Charnwood. As part of the opening stages, the Highland Light Infantry of Canada is tasked with seizing the town of Buron to the northwest of Caen.

Earlier at 0730 morning companies A, B, C, D of the 1st battalion cross the start line and advance in Buron direction.

Now the battalion is arrayed to assault outskirts of town. B Company is attacking the western half of the town while A Company is assigned to hit the right half. C and D Companies are held in battalion reserve, and attack Orchards and German OP in south parts of the town, when outskirts will be taken.

1st Battalion, Highland Light Infantry of Canada, is to seize the Buron no later than 1100 in order to allow the rest of the division’s attack to proceed on schedule.


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  1. One heck of an opening!! Wow! Actually a good battle, though. I think I would have been shot as the Canadian commander with the losses I took, but managed a minor victory. Don’t know if that’s good or bad, but liked the map and the challenges this battle offered.

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