Semi historical landing at dog green sector Vierville draw. Use your infantry and engineers part of the second assault wave to probe the town of Vierville-Sur-Mer. Engineers which will arrive shortly will help remove mines and clear bocage for a detachment of tanks due to arrive.  Once arrived use your tanks and follow up infantry to clear the town of Vierville-Sur-Mer and beyond to the Chateau De Vaumicel. Germans have set up defensive positions in and around Vierville-Sur-Mer and Chateau De Vaumicel and will have limited reinforcements from surrounding areas Take out all German machine gun teams and anti tank guns for extra points. Note: US army should be played by human player and A.I by German side. Have yet to create a US AI plan, but feel free to do so.

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  1. This is a great battle! Thank you! The minefields present a real challenge, and the reinforcements – well, I wasn’t as ready as I should have been. Great layout. The only concern I had was what had to be occupied, and what could be touched. With the German surrender, it didn’t matter in my battle, but think this should be added in the briefing. And Allied reinforcements – were they covered in the briefing, or did I just miss this?

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