8 thoughts on “CMBN Crossroads at Pierrefitte-en-Cinglais V2

  1. This is my first scenario, and I spent countless hours working on it. I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to hear any comments, feedback and suggestions you might have.

  2. Hey Mike, sorry about that. That’s a flaw in the first version of the scenario. When the Germans surrender, of course you should win. Couldn’t find many beta testers, so the version I uploaded here had some problems. I’ve made a new and very updated version that fixes this and many other things. Will try to upload it here.

  3. I have now uploaded a revised version with many changes and fixes. So if you download the file again, it should be the new version (it doesn’t say new version, but it should be).

  4. V2 is good to go! I have re-played this scenario several times. Best I get is minor victory and beat up units. It is a challenging situation which brutally punishes bad tactics and eventually awards good ones. There is plenty of time to exercise patience. Constant diligence is required. Creative use of combat engineers is well rewarded. This is an excellent solo scenario. With five (5) AI plans, it replays well. I look forward to more by Bulletpoint! Thank you.

  5. Nice scenario, but I recommend giving the Americans some more indirect fire support. A single 60 mm mortar is insufficient for the mission given the density of the defenders. Consider providing the Americans some 81 mm support. Also providing the Americans with two Sherman tanks would be good. After all, as you know the armored infantry fought in combined arms combat teams. Maybe provide the Germans with a 5 cm AT gun and a couple of panzershrecks to balance things.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. You’re right that armoured infantry is supposed to have tank support, and definitely the US forces would get a boost from some more fire support. However, as this is a fictional engagement, I wanted to focus on infantry tactics, so I left out the heavy stuff on purpose. I might later go back and do a revised version of the scenario, and I take note of all feedback for if and when that happens.

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