CS Higher Ground

*Commonwealth Forces Add On Required*

Otto and the Commando Skorzeny exercise opportunism on the river Dommel (play as Axis vs. Allied AI only). A Waffen SS commando raid to take back positions occupied by British troops on the Dommel river in Belgium. Based on the original CMBO CS Higher Ground scenario and briefing from the Commando Skorzeny series by Bill Hardenberger. Compatible with CMBN v1.11 and Upgrade 2.0. Big thanks to Tremissis for recreating this scenario in CMBN and to Bill Hardenberger who created the original for CMBO in 2000.

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  1. I would like to hear from the author, or anyone who has attempted this battle. I have attempted it twice with the poorest results imaginable. The map is great, and I like the concept, but was overwhelmed by the defenders on both attempts. Any suggestions?

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