CW Bleu-sur-Bleu H2H

*Commonwealth Forces Add On Required*

It is August ’44 and the stage is set for the most important battle in history: who’s the better General, Patton or Monty?? It’s up to you now! Compare the capabilities of US and British equipment. Includes two versions: normal with vehicles and infantry, and ‘no infantry’ variant with only AFV’s present. Best played by e-mail, but AI plans are also included for both sides.

Remember: friendly fire – isn’t.

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1 thought on “CW Bleu-sur-Bleu H2H

  1. One of the greats!!! This is a fun scenario! Outstanding job! A million options, great map. Thank you! Action-packed, terrific design. OK, I’m out of compliments, but you really deserve an “A” for this one. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Played as US, but will try the other side. Maybe even try it without the infantry because it’s so fun.

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