CW – TWC Wild Bill’s Villers Bocage – Tiger!

A recreation of the original CM:BO release disc mission by Wild Bill Wilder, depicting the attack of Michael Wittman at Villers Bocage on 13 June 1944. A considerably different challenge than the later historical scenario offered for CM:BN, or even the CM:BO Operation which was more closely tied to the actual event. This battle retains the fictionalized map of the original, based on the 20-metre terrain grid of the CMX1 game engine. Visually the same map, but veteran players will quickly realize that cover and LOS values are not the same in CM:X2; vehicles can drive where they could not in the original, etc. The basic thrust of the scenario remains the same nonetheless; a small but veteran force of heavy German armour takes on a larger British armoured force for possession of the town of Villers Bocage.

Map size: 1440 x 960m

Game length: 50 turns

German force size: reinforced Tiger platoon

Terrain type:rural town

Weather and Environmental conditions: Dry, warm

Can be played head to head or solo as either side.

Michael Dorosh


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4 thoughts on “CW – TWC Wild Bill’s Villers Bocage – Tiger!

  1. What a shootout! Neat job, thank you! Lots of options, good risk/reward challenges. A good scenario for learning to capitalize on your resources. Brits had only two tanks remaining when they surrendered with 4 minutes remaining, but I really enjoyed this one. Thanks for the fine effort.

  2. Wild Bill gets most of the credit, he designed this for the original CM:BO. Glad to hear it translated well enough for you.

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