TWC Meeting at Le Bourg

Semi-historical scenario based on the “Battle Stations Problem” presented in Wargamer’s Digest, Volume 6, Number 7 (May 1979).

The 36th (Texas) Infantry Division landed in the south of France as part of Operation DRAGOON following distinguished service in Italy. The landings were made against light opposition on 15 August 1944, and by the 21st, the invasion forces were well inland. The entire U.S. 7th Army pushed forward against scattered resistance, hoping to link up with the forces breaking out from the Normandy bridgehead. The VI Corps has organized Task Force BUTLER to move on Grenoble, leading the way with hand-picked armored forces. The 3d Infantry Division – also veterans of the Italian campaign – has gone ahead while the 36th Infantry Division has been ordered to follow T.F. BUTLER north, through Sisteron and Aspres.

**Modes of Play**

AI plans for both German and Allied. Suitable for H2H also.

The original concept of the Battle Stations scenarios was to create battalion sized engagements for table top (i.e. miniatures) players. The scale of the engagements was usually such that one soldier or vehicle stood in for a platoon. Reviewing the map and orders of battle provided in the source material, it was felt the same down-scaling could be done as a starting point to creating decent Combat Mission scenarios, rather than utilizing an unwieldy one-for-one representation, and attempting to field entire battalions or even regiments on maps too small to handle them. Similarly, fire support has also been scaled back.

  • Map size: 496m x 928m
  • Game length: 50
  • Force size: Reinforced company
  • Terrain type: Rural
  • Weather and Environmental conditions: Overcast, cool, damp

Designed for play either H2H or vs AI as either side

Icon of TWC Meeting At Le Bourg TWC Meeting At Le Bourg (1.5 MiB)


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