CW – Rainy River

Small/medium Allies vs AI only battle. A british recon force that has to seize a river crossing from german defenders – and repel a subsequent counter attack.

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  1. The player gets to utilize some interesting armored cars in the scenario, but fundamentally the German defense requires a concerted infantry assault, so the player is fundamentally not well equipped to accomplish the mission. Maneuvering light armored cars through AT ambushes and infantry ambushes is not a winning strategy, so the player must rely on their limited indirect mortar fires and later artillery fires to dig out the defenders. This of course takes a good amount of time, and from my perspective the game time was insufficient. More infantry and fewer armored car troops would have made for a more balanced and interesting scenario in my opinion.

  2. A well-presented scenario that unfortunately falls short. Armoured cars on open terrain against interlocking AT-guns is just a pretty one-sided affair, and not too interesting.

    I generally agree with the opinion of Keith, but would like to add that with patience, it may be possible to use the sparse infantry available to scout out the map bit by bit and then take ou the guns by 81mm mortars in direct fire.

    I would like to give it a second go, but there’s no replay value due to fixed enemy positions. It would have been easy to paint some variable setup zones on the map to make the locations of the AT guns more unpredictable.

  3. Challenging, yes, and just the right tools might not be available, but I truly enjoyed it. Scored a minor victory, and did hold both objectives. Armored cars may not be the ideal attack weapon against AT guns, but if that’s all you’ve got, then employ them the best you can. I also thought the time available was fine – attack against the fixed targets required planning and coordination. Liked the map, and thought it was well designed for this scenario. Also liked the briefing with the likely entry of enemy reinforcements. Thank you for a very good scenario.

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