SL44 (1) Coastal Assault

Prelude to an Invasion

An Introduction to an Alternative History.

On June 6th 1944, at 06:00 hours, 1st Squad, are the only troops to reach the rendezvous on time.

They decided to scout the harbour area quickly. On their return, they join up with 1st platoons’ HQ “Shorker”, together with a Medium mortar team.

The British Home Guard, part time soldiers, with a few regulars are defending the harbour. The gently westerly wind had aided the landings of those of 3rd Company whose craft had avoided the RAF and anti-aircraft guns.

It is warm, the ground dry, however there is now a light rain, falling. “Shorker”, confirms the attack on the harbour will go ahead, as the first invasion barges will reach the harbour after 06:55. They are currently on route.

Contact with 3rd Company’s H/Q had been made.

Platoon size battle Axis Verse AI…  tiny to small size map… 35 moves

CM:BN Commonwealth-Market Garden. 3 x AI plans

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3 thoughts on “SL44 (1) Coastal Assault

  1. Now available at the proving ground an AI part 2 version…
    and a H2H version of part 2…
    SL44 (2) Invasion

  2. What a neat scenario! Great job! Thoroughly enjoyed it. The time constraint is tight, and you can’t fool around. One more turn and I could have cleared the harbor, but did take out the gun. A Tactical Victory. Nice touch on the surprises. Liked the variety of weapons.

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