CW – Schmiedestahl

One for the tread heads!

This CMBN scenario, ‘Schmiedestahl’ (Forging Steel), recreates a fictional large scale armoured engagement on the Eastern Front in late August 1944. In this scenario British forces represent a Soviet forward detachment that has been tasked to secure several bridges that are part of their main force supply lines.

Map Size: 2.4km x 2.8km

Time: 2:30Hrs +0-15 minutes

Unit Size: Approx several companies each side (all reduced numbers due to combat losses etc).

Scenario Loading time: As it’s a large map it’ll take a few minutes to load. Be patient!

Play as: Best played as H2H although the stronger player may want to take the German side as this will be a tough fight for the Germans; Next best played as Germans vs British AI.

PLEASE NOTE: There are AI Plans for the Germans but due to the nature of this scenario and the German force make-up it’s asking a lot of the AI to do a plausible attack and hold any ground it may take.

About The Scenario

Several days ago a surprise Soviet attack broke through the German lines.

Through this breach the Soviets pushed a strong armoured spearhead east along the axis of the main rollbahn, seizing the vital bridge crossings near the VORSKLA RIVER at the small village of SOLOKI, and continuing east to seize the key town of ORLOVKA (30km east of SOLOKI).

Early yesterday afternoon, taking advantage of the poor weather which restricted enemy air support, the Germans launched a counter attack to cut the Soviet’s main lines of communication to ORLOVKA.

As a continuing part of this operation a German panzer Kampfgruppe has been tasked with cutting off the enemy armoured advance guard from their supply echelons and further reinforcements. Whilst the Soviet commander’s orders are to secure their communications along the rollbahn and ensuring the main supply line to their forward elements.

Designed by George McEwan.

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About Author

Author: George Mc
Treadhead peacenik with a fascination for recreating historical #armoured actions from the Eastern Front using Battlefront's Combat Mission.

1 thought on “CW – Schmiedestahl

  1. If you’re looking for a larger scenario with a challenge, you’ve found it. Great job! Really enjoyed this battle. Against the AI scored a Tactical Victory. Lots of challenges, and lots of possible attack routes and plans. Very good map and terrain.

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