11 thoughts on “TWJ Midnight Massacre

  1. Is there any reason why the troops can see/target several hundred meters or more? It is a night scenario?

  2. You’d have to ask BFC. I used the historical date, time and weather conditions. I find that seeing long distances and sighting enemy units are two different things.

  3. Did BFC make the ASL scenario Midnight Massacre? In other words, What did ASL model as the night visibility? I think you have it backwards? Did ASL get the weather wrong?

    Who play tested this?

  4. Play: Solo as either side, or H2H in either real time or turn-based play. Best as H2H or German vs AI.

  5. This is probably best played as the Germans. It can, of course, be played as H2H, but I think that would ruin the whole historical element of the attack. That is, the US getting “jumped”. I doubt the AI (or most humans), can use the haltracks effectively.

    I noticed the US has 15 or so BARs. Is this a design decision or somehow related to the latest patch (3.12)?

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