1 thought on “MG & VP – Merveilles à Merville (Assault on Merville Battery)

  1. Well, had a difficult time with this scenario, and I’d really like to hear others’ comments on it. Loved the map, and the mission. I took a major defeat. And I have a few comments. Considering the number of forces attacking and defending, they go definitely on the side of the defender. Not necessarily bad in itself, but considering the troop quality, it does raise some questions. Length: too short. The last glider platoon, if they’re intended as reinforcements, can’t even reach the objective in the allotted period. And the other troops, following the plan, if they’re intended to reach the gate without just moving forward, aren’t going to get there with hardly any time to maneuver. I may try this one again, forgetting the suggested plan, just to see if I can reach the gate. But with the line of sight available to the defenders, they can fire anywhere – I think maybe real darkness would have helped. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but this is one tough battle to win, and I would certainly like to hear from the play testers on suggestions.

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