Two Bridges

The U.S. forces have gained a major breakthrough at the St. Lô-area and the german lines are crumbling. The U.S. vanguard are pushing forward in order to maintain the momentum, when a golden opportunity presents itself:
The germans haven´t had time to reinforce the troops holding the two bridges across the river Vire in the village of Basse-Gris. Two days ago this village was miles behind the lines. Thus, a vital crossing can be secured at a relatively low cost, if the U.S. vanguard reacts quickly and captures the village before the german reinforcements arrive.



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2 thoughts on “Two Bridges

  1. Good battle. Good challenge, and there are options. Must be really careful with the infantry force if they are to survive the crossing. Had several instances where they became broken, and I couldn’t figure out why.

  2. Too difficult to be fun, attacking a well defended town with 1:1 ratio of forces is just painful. Germans armour is in well placed overwatch and you can’t advance quickly as you only have one platoon of infantry which gets tied down clearing the approach.

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