Counter attack – late Blitzkrieg

A huge German mixed group has to break through the american lines and it has to make and hold a bridgehead. The american forces with the approaching reserves are 3-4 fold higher and containes plenty of tanks and self-propelled guns. The terrain show favour toward the defender.

The game is very long. The map is huge and the two opponents have numerous infantry, armor and artillery unit.

The game optimized for the Germans.

You can use Tigers, Panthers, Pumas, StuHs, Stugs, Stummels, Engineers, SiG33, le.IG 18, Pak 40, 81-s mortar, 120-s mortars, Panzerschrecks  and so on..


  •         Attack on the left flank!
  •         You never think that you have a lot of unit! All of them will have role!
  •          Try to avoid the massacre attack, be tactician!
  •          Take care of the flanks!

Good luck!

HAL 9000

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