A CMBN campaign by Kandu, a.k.a. WimO

Operation “Coup de Main” was tasked with securing the two bridges over the Canal de Caen and Orne River between Ouistreham and Caen on the night of 5th/6th June 1944. Its purpose was to secure the left flank of Operation Overlord against attack by the German 21st Panzer Division. The task was assigned to just six platoons of the 2nd Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire (Light Infantry) Airlanding (glider) troops.

The campaign consists of 11 events, all of which transpired in the space of less than 22 hours. The maps, units involved and events are all historical. As a concession to playability, a number of minor events have been amalgamated into a single scenarios.

Required MOD: Kohlenklau’s “Horsa” is required. It converts the British Bedford QLD truck into the Horsa glider and is called by a mod-tag attached to the scenarios. The mod is available at the Few Good Men’s Combat Mission Modification Warehouse.

Highly Recommended MODs: (1) Benouville Buildings by Owl and (2) Wim and Falaise Normandy Buildings. These will provide an authentic look to this local in Normandy.

Other MODs: This campaign looks much better using either Aris’ or Abram’s terrain modifications.

This is my final contribution to CMBN scenarios and campaigns.

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