CMBN Lt. Smash’s Floating Icons

This mod replaces the default floating icons in Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy (CMBN), the Commonwealth and Market Garden modules, and the Vehicle Pack. These stylized icons are based on the U.S. War Department’s 1943 Basic Field Manual FM21-30 Conventional Signs, Military Symbols and Abbreviations. The icons have a slightly three-dimensional appearance so that they look like counters from traditional board-based war games. And, when the icon blinks (i.e., the unit is selected or wounded), the unit’s national flag is displayed.

Key features:

* Easy-to-learn symbols based on WW2-era field manual
* Selected and wounded units blink its national flag.
* Icons included for German, British, and US units with optional files for Polish and Canadian units.
* Allies’ shared units blink recognition star and optional files allow for British, US, Polish or * Canadian shared units.
* Includes optional files for Axis versus Axis and Allies versus Allies battles.
* Complete documentation makes install and using this mod simple

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1 thought on “CMBN Lt. Smash’s Floating Icons

  1. Long time user of your icons for every one of these games.. Dropping by to download again and wanted to share some love <3

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