Rocket Man-Aris Terrain CMBN Gridded Terrain Mod

Updated to V1.02 – NOTE: To update this I had to have the same zip file name, but the files inside the zip are the new version.

Rocket Man-Aris Terrain CMBN Gridded Terrain Mod v1.02

Description: This file contains modified bitmap files for Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy which adds a grid to the 3D terrain. The terrain files used for this mod are from taken from the Aris terrain Mods: Aris HD Grass, Aris Terrain AddOn Pack and Aris Terrain Mod Pack with some minor modifications required to resize them to fit the grid on them. So a special thanks goes out to Aris (aslo known as Inigo Bildarraz) for these files.

Contents: This file contains a preview picture of the mod, “Rocket Man-Aris Terrain CMBN Gridded Terrain Mod Preview V102.jpg”, this readme file “Rocket Man-Aris Terrain CMBN Gridded Terrain Mod Readme V102.txt” and the modded bitmap files in “Rocket Man-Aris Terrain CMBN Gridded Terrain Mod V102.brz”.

The mod file “Rocket Man-Aris Terrain CMBN Gridded Terrain Mod V102.brz” contains modified bitmaps for all ground files and roads for both the near and far bitmaps. The far bitmaps have a grid line every 10 meters, with a darker gridline every 50 meters. The near bitmaps are based on a nominal 2m grid, but since the terrain files aren’t a uniform size (see for actual tile sizes), the grids vary from 1.81m to 2.56m as shown in the following table:

Terrain File-grid spacing
Ground grass – 2m
Ground grass yellow -2m
Ground dirt – 2.064m
Ground dirt red – 2.064m
Ground forest floor – 2.036m
Ground hard – 2.036m
Ground rocky – 2.036m
Ground rocky red – 2.036m
Ground sand – 2.036m
Ground brush – 2m
Ground brush hard – 2m
Ground mud – 1.87m
Ground marsh – 1.87m
Ground dirt ploughed ew – 2m
Ground dirt ploughed ns – 2m
Ground highway – 2m
Ground railroad – 2m
Ground paved – 2m
Ground paved 2 – 2m
Ground cliff – 2.13m
Ground cobblestone – 1.93m
Ground pavement – 1.81m
Ground gravel – 2.25m
Ground dirt road – 2.25m
Ground pavement 2 – 2.22m
Ground ford – 2m
Ground green crop – 2.56m
Ground grain – 2.56m

Additionally, some of the files have a thicker and darker grid every 10m nominally, with the actual spacing as shown below. Note some tiles have an odd number of grid lines and thus two spacings for this grid. The spacings in this case are shown with a slash between them.

Terrain File – Grid Spacing
Ground grass – 10m
Ground grass yellow -10m
Ground dirt – 10.32m/12.216m
Ground dirt red – 10.32m/12.216m
Ground forest floor – 10.32m/12.216m
Ground hard – 10.32m/12.216m
Ground rocky – 10.32m/12.216m
Ground rocky red – 10.32m/12.216m
Ground sand – 10.32m/12.216m
Ground mud –11.2m
Ground marsh – 11.2m
Ground dirt ploughed ew – 10m
Ground dirt ploughed ns – 10m
Ground ford – 8m
Ground highway – 8m
Ground railroad – 8m
Ground paved – 8m
Ground paved 2 – 8m

Finally, the base ground files, “ground grass” and “ground grass yellow”, have an even thicker, darker grid every 50m.

Note: There is a version of this mod that uses the Aris Terrain Mods as the underlying artwork called “Rocket Man-Default Terrain CMBN Gridded Terrain Mod v1.01” if you don’t like the desaturated look of the Aris Terrain Mod.

Legal: These files may be used for any purpose as long as the author is given credit, they are not charged for in any manner and the owners of the underlying artwork (Aris (aslo know as Inigo Bildarraz) and Battlefront) are OK with the use.

Author: admin

2 thoughts on “Rocket Man-Aris Terrain CMBN Gridded Terrain Mod

  1. To install this mod create a new folder in your CMBN Data folder (e.g. C:/Program Files (x86)/Battlefront/Combat Mission Battle for Normandy/Data) and name it Z. Place the .brz file into the Z folder. You can place one to four “z”‘s in front of the folder name. The more “z”‘s the later the program reads it. For example: “z_Germans Uniform” is read right after the basic files to run the game load. Where as “zzzz_German Uniforms” is read after the game has loaded just about everything there is.

    Also if the folder “Germans Uniform” has a subfolder named “Options” you have to either delete it if you don’t want to use any options. Or go into that folder, pick the stuff you want, and move the item into the place where the original item that it is replacing resides. (i.e. optional “smod_German helmet 2” needs to go into the place where it is replacing the original “smod_German helmet 2”) You don’t want two items with the same name in two different folders because it will confuse the hell out of the game. Once all the options are placed that’s it! Start up the game and enjoy!

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