CMBN Mod (Voices US Embark/Disembark 01)

This is a new Project about US Voices, Environnement, effects, (01).

(Voices US Embark/Disembark 01).

Is a voice and sounds effects for US crews and soldiers.

British, Commonwealth and
German/Italian army come later!

Listen tanks halftracks light vehicles crews, open/close hatches/doors, commanding/ jumping/running/breathing and go prone close to the vehicle.

If you are interresting than :

1)Make a research of the folder (embark/ Disembark) from your CMBN.

2)Backup your files X:\Battlefront\…\(embark/ Disembark)

3)Replace and put the folder (embark/ Disembark) in your Z folder and let’s begin the game.

Voice Commanders are using for tanks but also light vehicles and APC, this is why the noise must be for hatches or doors.

The files voices are not really in good coordination with the game animations, but I cannot change anything about the speed, apologise about this inconvenience.

Enjoy and let me know !


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