Mod Soldiers Movements

This is a Mod for CMBN but also all category of CMs games

This represents soldiers on movements with combat gear and

You will listen :

Soldiers crawing, walking, running with combat gear with their
weapons and cartridges, listen shoks helmets, but also listen,
noise of mess tin and water bowl, (water moving in bottle when
they are moving ), showel, gaz mask…reserve whisky, pin up
poster, cigarettes,lighter… and all what a soldier can carry on
with him !

There is no secret more.

Note : the Snow version is not operational now and not include in
this mod.

Thus backup yours files from X:\Battlefront\…\soldier movement

Like I told you you can use this Mod for all yours CMs series.

Including CMSF(2).

New sounds will come soon…let me think about…

Soon the same soldier will be in the snow and also almost

Enjoy !

And please let me know !!!


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