CMBS: 128th Mountain-Infantry Brigade

This mod will provide you with Digital Camouflage replacement for Ukrainian side in CMBS (This mod will not work with my 72 Mech-Infantry Brigade Mod).

This time I was inspiried by one legendary unit of Ukrainian Armed Forces – 128th Mountain-Infantry Brigade.

This unit was created 96 years ago in 1922.

During ww2 it kicked out nazies from Crimea, Zakarpattya and Czechoslovakia.

Throughout its history it was reformed several times back and forth from division level to brigade and so on.

In 1956 as a part of 38th Army of Soviet Union it crushed Hungarian Revolution.

In 1968 it took its role in Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Since late December of 1979 this unit was taking action in Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.

In 1992 this unit was taken over by Ukraine and later on reformed into brigade.

In 2014-2015 this unit took active role in War on Donbass. After russian invasion of Ukraine all soviet decorations of this unit were removed as it was now standing against red threat coming from East.

At this moment this brigade consists of 12+ battalions, and variety of “special” companies. It is powerful and very mobile force. During “Debaltseve” this brigade did a lot of damage to russian hybrid forces and its commander was honored to receive medal of “Hero of Ukraine.”

More about this unit you can read by following these links:

1 –

Now about the mod itself


MTP (local licensed production)

MM-14 Digital (Ukrainian Production)

Gorka MM-14 Digital (Ukrainian production)

Gorka Olive (common used Gorkas)

“Dubok” (Ukrainian Production)


MM-14 + NVG holder

Black scratched



All gear reworked and covered into MM-14 Camouflage + new textured added.


All Gear is reworked + all uniforms are reworked.

More about my mods:


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