CMBS: AK-74M For Ukrainian Armed Forces By Oleksandr

This mod will provide you with alternative AK for Ukrainian Armed Forces – AK-74M.

AK-74M are currently used by both – Russian and Ukrainian Armies.

This AK in particular is upgraded with tactical fore-end (those being massively used by both sides).

In addition to this I’ve added some additional textures what will make those AK rifles look worn (scratches, shadows, smoke signs and so on).

Last but not least each rifle has Ukrainian heraldry on it (those usually being placed by Ukrainian soldiers themselves).

I thought that this would be a nice alternative to standard rifle.

NOTE: This mod will not work with my AK-74 MTP PAINT Finish Mod. So if you want to use this mod you will need to delete my previous AK mod. This mod will NOT affect russian armed forces rifles in any way.


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