CMBS Unit Portraits by Mord

 Mord’s Black Sea Unit Portraits V. 1.0


SPECIAL NOTE: I wanna dedicate this one to Kieme who has been modding the

hell out of Black Sea! Great job brother!



Finally you can say good bye to those stock portraits! Here are 100 new portraits for your Black Sea battles. Three background styles; Flag (American, Russian, and Ukrainian), Road, and Pine.

Two face styles; plain and camo, as well as tiny flag alternate portraits for each face type.



Just unzip and move the folder styles of your choice to your Z or Mod folder (whichever you use).

There are alternate portraits in each folder so you will have to rename the ones that you want to use in the game.

Example: “portrait russian infantry_Camo 1” needs to have everything removed from the underscore back. Edited name should read “portrait russian infantry” (minus the quotations of course).

Thanks to all you great modders, scenario designers, and AAR writers for helping make Combat Mission games such an awesome hobby and experience. Hope you find some use for this one. And thanks to BFC for making the kickassiest series of wargames out there!


June 2nd, 2015

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