The mod reskins the Heer (Gerbirgsjager included) to be in-line with the uniforms and equipment utilized by the majority of the RSI’s Army, the ENR (Esercito Nazionale Repubblicano), from 1943 to 1945. This mod includes reskins for winter uniforms, as well. 

The German facemaps have been replaced by Italian facemaps. The German voice-lines of the Heer have been replaced, mostly, by Italian voicelines. I say mostly, as there are fewer Italian voicelines than German voicelines, and thus not all could be replaced- so you might hear some German every now and then, but hopefully not very often.

Weapons have been replaced, also. The Gewehr 33 is replaced by the Carcano and the G43 by the Breda 30 (as it is effectively the closest in practice to the Breda). Weapons such as the G41 and MP40 have not been replaced, as both were used, albeit in limited amounts, by the ENR. 

The mod does not reskin the Waffen-SS and Luftwaffe, and is effectively incompatible with them- meaning that you should not use this mod when playing scenarios/campaigns for either. The mod is also incompatible with 1943 scenarios/campaigns. This mod does not reskin tank and AFV crew uniforms (though, it does replace the Stahlhelms used by AFV crews with the M33).

There are two versions of the mod- one that’s compatible with Juju’s UI mod, and one that’s compatible with the base game UI- both are named appropriately. This mod is best used with R2V content.

Juju-UI compatible

Base game-UI compatible:

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