War Movie ADVANCED Enhancement MegaPack For CMBS V 1.0 By BarbaricCo

Vehicles and additional sky, terrain and smoke enhancements for “War Movie ADVANCED” mode (CM Black Sea).
This mode works best with the “War Movie ADVANCED v1.11” shaders pack for CM Black Sea. Download @: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2691

– Abrams m1a2.
– Bradley
– Humvee
– BMP-3
– BMP-3 Khrizantema.
– BTR-82
– Gaz 2975 tigr
– M1064a3
– T-90
– Tunguska

Additional enchantments
– White, gray, dust and black smoke
– Crops and grain doodad
– Aris HD clouds modified for War Movie ADVANCED mode
– Worldbox sky, haze and tick haze gradients

– Close Your CM Application
– Right click “CM Black Sea.app” and select “Show Package Contents”.
– Go to “Contents/ Resources/ Data”, create a new folder and name it “z”.
– Place the unzipped “War_Movie_ADVANCED_Enhancement_MegaPack_for_CMBS_v10_by_BarbaricCo” folder in “z” folder.

– Close Your CM Application
– Go to CMBS Data folder (e.g. C:/Program Files (x86)/ Battlefront/ Combat Mission Black Sea/ Data), create a new folder and name it “z”.
– Place the unzipped “War_Movie_ADVANCED_Enhancement_MegaPack_for_CMBS_v10_by_BarbaricCo” folder in “z” folder.

If You are experiencing problems, delete “War_Movie_ADVANCED_Enhancement_MegaPack_for_CMBS_v10_by_BarbaricCo” folder from “z” folder!

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